Ranked #1 “Best Hybrid Yoga Studio” for 2013 in Chicago by Chicago Magazine

A Fitness Center You Will Love!

Bend is a full on fitness center with Group fitness classes, private classes, events and workshops.  The group fitness schedule is made to get you to your goals.  Every day there are classes to choose from but each day we alternate target areas, cardio, strength and restoration.  We are here to help you and be there for you from fitness to nutrition to bodywork.  We do like to push you a little more than you think you can handle, but the best feeling in the world is leaving feeling like you have accomplished something you didn’t think you could do and seeing yourself grow, get strong and form friendships.

It’s been an amazing transformation from dreading working out to absolutely loving it! The studio space is beautiful and amazing, the classes are fun and a real work out. I haven’t felt this good about myself in a long time! Rachel and the bend team have changed my mind and my body!

Maggie D.

I am absolutely in LOVE with Rachel and the Dance Bootcamp class on Monday nights!!!! After my first day I couldn’t walk for about 2/3 days from how much the class kicked my butt, but it was totally worth it and I love seeing constant improvement and result on my body…

Nicole C.

Largest, loveliest yoga studio I have had the pleasure of attending. The atmosphere is down to earth, immaculately clean, and so friendly. This place is number 1 in the city, and it is for a good reason.  I don’t think anyone can compete with Bend!!!  Do yourself a favor, go here first…

Suzi W.